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VKRC Editor

THE TOOL from the User for the User

RobPro, more than an editor!

  • load several archives and single files into the tree structure and edit parallel
  • all Folgen, UPs and Makros are clearly represented in the tree structure
  • edit files side by side in the split screen
  • copy-paste from all other applications
  • create, insert and edit all VW-User calls with complete text actualization
  • even VW-User calls without text (e.g. OLP downloads) will be automatically updated
  • complete syntax check and automatic correction of lower case and blank characters
  • coordinates of copied movement points will be automatically inserted
  • comments outside and inside of point-SPS with two bars „- -„
  • for VKRC2 and VKRC4

Add-on Module

VASS-Standard Check

VASS-Standard Prüfung

VW-Standard Single File Check

single files will be checked according to VW-standard and faults shown point by point in the editor

VW-Standard Bulk File Check

depending on selection archives from entire sites will be checked according to VW-standard and a detailed error list will be generated and can be exported

Check the programs by yourself already during offline preparation and commissioning!

Currently following programming standards will be checked:

  • VB, VE, ACC parameters in all movement points
  • VE and SPSTrigger in all movement points
  • 1., 2. and last point of Folge correctly programmed
  • 1., 2. and last point of Folge on same coordinates
  • Zutrittsanforderung correctly programmed
  • Fahrbedingungen correctly programmed
  • Stellungsfreigaben correctly programmed
  • Roboterverriegelungen correctly programmed
  • Stellungsfreigaben and Roboterverriegelungen in each Fahrbedingung correctly programmed


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Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 x64

.NET Framework 4.5

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